Comfort Corner!

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Comfort Corner!

Post by Silverrain; on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:49 am

This is basically somewhere where you can tell people about a bad day, feeling blue or just need to talk. You post how you are feeling and others will read it and try to cheer you up or try to help out with your problems. Basically everyone chips in to comfort you, Thats why its called comfort corner! Smile They can cheer you up by telling you a joke, they can pm you about it so you can let it all out and they will help you! I hope you have fun! And i hope someone can cheer you up Smile

Do not post about suicide or self harm. You should be seeing a professional. And not asking for help on here as some people might not understand your circumstances.

Some Rules

- No swearing , you may star the vowels out.
- Do not blame others for your bad day
- Do not be ungrateful for when people try to help
- Please keep it child friendly.
- Have fun Smile

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