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Post by sunflower- on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:26 am

Write a letter you cannot send

Some of you may have heard of this before. Its pretty simple, and sometimes it actually helps. If you're mad at something, upset, worked up or just need to let something out, here's your chance to just write it, to just get it all out.

now, like everything, there's just a few quick rules to keep everyone happy.

1. dont mention any names. its just unfair- they may see it, and we dont want anyone getting upset Wink
2. No swears, its an obvious one, along with nothing inappropriate.
3. Do not be mean about other people's letters. Only post if you're going to be friendly, asking them to pm you about it (not to be horrible, so they can talk), or of course if you're posting oyur own letter you cannot send.

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