Random writing i did.

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Random writing i did.

Post by Fallen434 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:15 pm

Well, this was what i made because i am tired of people making fun of me so i just wrote everything that i could think of to those girls and guys who think they are better than me and have to try and put me down to make their lives better.

Dear people who have problems with me-

At least i am not a fake
At least i am not afraid to say what is what
At least i am not afraid to be me
At least i don't wear ten pounds of makeup everyday
At least i am not afraid to say to the world "You know what, i'm me!get over it!"
At least i am not afraid to be myself around others
At least i unlike most girls can be me around anyone i see
At least i know how to live
At least i know what it is like to feel down 
At least i know how to get back on my feet and move on
At least i know how to treat others right

You don't like it? 
Get out of my life and get over it. 
If you have problems with me, it is probably because i have a better life than you do and you, are trying to make my life worse so 
yours will be better than mine.
Well you know what, you can knock me down, But keeping me there....is a whole different story.

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