(Deadman Wonderland RP) Fight to survive!

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(Deadman Wonderland RP) Fight to survive!

Post by NINTENDOOKAMI12 on Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:53 pm

The year is 2025 in Japan after the great earthquake that happened years ago. You somehow have gained a weird power where you use your blood as a weapon. And somehow you are put into this carnival like prison called Deadman Wonderland. The prisoners there are not very big criminals, but are forced to entertain the society of Japan by doing concerts, running the deadly dog race, and much more! Though, not many of the criminals have your power. But there's a fighting arena and another whole block that's hidden from everyone! And you have been sent there to fight against other Deadmen in Carnival Corpse!

(If you have watched Deadman Wonderland, you would know what I'm talking about. But you don't have to watch it to roleplay on this forum!)

The Rules:   Normal website rules.
                    Keep the genders equal.
                    Ask me if you want to play one of the normal characters like Shiro, Ganta, or Toko.
                    Have lots of fun while playing this!


Type of Branch of Sin: Ganbare Gun, Love☆Labyrinth, Crow Claw, Whip Wing, Owl's Eyeball, Fists of Blood, Snake, Jūshin Shinjū, Decimating Frenzy, Nanairo Chōchō, and Sōrin Musō.
(You can make up your own also. Just it has to be a weapon of some sort and it has to be made of blood.)

Bird name/ Fighting name:
Branch of Sin:

My character(s):

Name: Total Mikawa
Bird name/ Fighting name: Blackbird
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Looks: Total has pure black eyes and short spiked black hair with white and gray in it. He wears a black, gray, and white sweatshirt, black pants, and black sneakers with white and gray shoe laces. He sometimes wears his red, black, and gray-white headphones and is always carrying around a pair of scissors.
Branch of Sin: Ganbare Gun
Crush: Unknown
History: Total was just a young boy when the earthquake began. His parents died for some unknown reason. But when people found them, they had holes all over there bodies, and blood was spattered across the walls and flooring. Total sat there in the same room holding a picture of them, grinning creepily. They took him in and kept him there. They soon found out that he was a Deadman when he was twelve and forced him into Carnival Corpse and G-Block. But when he fights other Deadmen, they always come out with blood on their chests and four holes in their chest as well. When he became fourteen though, he would always sit in his room, which was filled with broke TV's, empty metal soda cans, broken CD's, and crumbled up paper. He would listen to music while he held a pair of super sharp scissors.
Other: He loves to see blood and loves scissors.

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