FAQ [[ includes user settings, how to get signatures, and recomendations

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FAQ [[ includes user settings, how to get signatures, and recomendations

Post by sunflower- on Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:11 pm

To help you out, here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers. Please read before you send me a message asking for help, because i may have already answered it I love you

How do i make a thread?

You click on the Topic you want to make it on, for example, you want to make a 1x1 topic, then, by the top of the page, near the small search bar, there's writing saying 'New Topic'. Simply click on this, and start!

How do i edit my signature?

Click on 'Profile', it is the third from the right, next to 'PM'. After that, go to the link saying 'Signature', and voila- you can edit it as much as you like!

How do i edit my avatar?

Its right next to the signature button. You dont have to pick from the avatar gallery- you can use avatars from many websites such as Glitter Graphics.

NOTE: Although it's possible to add your age and contact field, i strongly advise that you dont. To change your security settings, simply go to your profile, and click 'Preferences', you can then edit that as much as you like.

How do i add friends?

Its simple, click on Profile (along the top of the website page) then click Friends and Foes, around the middle of all the settings. You can then type in the username of your desired friend, and a request will be sent.

What is a PM?

A PM is short for a private message, something you send to someone else, that only you and the selected person/people can see.

How do i send a PM?

Simply click the 'PM' button, before clicking 'new pm'. You can then add someone by username, or add them directly from your friend list.

How do i add images?

Simply copy the URL to your image, this can usually be done by right clicking on the image, selecting 'Copy image URL'. After this you need to find the small icon with a circular tree on it- when you hover over it, it should say image. if you still can't find it, it is the small icon 16 small squares away from the B. Insert the URL in the box, click okay, and it inserts it into your post. Another way to do this, especially if you want it a specific size, use tiny pic

How do i colour my text?

simply highlight it, and click on the button in between the blue 'A's to select which colour.

How do i add links?

Collect the link you'd like to add, then click on the button to the right of the image one (the little green tree), paste it, and then below add the text you want. Then, click okay, and when someone clicks on the text, it'll take them there Like a Star @ heaven

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