The Site Rules - must read

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The Site Rules - must read

Post by sunflower- on Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:36 am

The site rules, these should be followed at all times. No exceptions. If you break one, depending on how bad, you could face a warning, or in terrible cases, a ban.

Site rules:

1: language. This can be a big one, I must make it clear, we wont accept it, there may be young children looking through this site! the few mild ones are acceptable, i.e darn, hell etc. but think about proper swear words, don't ever use them. If you think a word may not be appropriate- dont post it, or at least star out the vowels.

2. All images / content must be suitable. Please dont post pictures of bloody images, anything disgusting, or explicit. You can not upload videos of yourself from youtube, or anywhere else- for your own safety either, do not post a video that is unsuitable, or has anything disturbing in it- this will not be tolerated.

3. Please be respectful to other users. Arguments are just annoying for everyone. If you don't sort it out, the mods will. Sorry guys, sometimes you just have to agree to disagree.

4. Do not use copy righted material, always check.

Role playing rules:

1. No explicit romance. Sure, kissing is aloud, if it goes further than that, probably best not to out detail into it. If it goes even further, i'd advise you not to post about it. Take it to pm, start e-mailing each other, or just don't go there. Remember, anyone can get on this site, children can see everything you write.

2. No spam- meaning, do not post random things just for the sake of it.

3. Do not be a Gravedigger. This means, once a role play has died, do not keep bumping it, (bumping meaning posting 'bump' or something on the topic to put it near the top) this could also be considered spam. Sorry. Maybe you could remake the topic?

4. Do not post topics just for chatting- if you just feel like a chat, private message one of your friends Very Happy besides, if you're feeling a little lonely, you can always visit the general discussion topic, where you can talk about life, or the forum games. There's plenty to do!


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